4 Benefits of a Mobile Pet Grooming Service

4 Benefits of a Mobile Pet Grooming Service

Grooming your pet may not always be your first priority. Often times, pet owners may neglect the grooming appointments until they realize their dog smells, their fur is way too long, or they have become a mess.  The hassle of taking your dog or cat to the groomer can be removed by hiring a mobile pet grooming service instead of choosing a brick-and-mortar location. Our mobile grooming in Orlando, FL allows you the convenience of all the grooming without ever needing to leave your home. These are just a few of the many benefits of a mobile pet grooming service.


As mentioned, convenience is likely the largest benefit of hiring a mobile grooming service. Mobile groomers bring everything they need to your home, bring your pet outside to their fully equipped vans, and take care of all your pet’s needs.  This allows you to simply open the door and assist them with getting your pet outside, which only takes minutes. The convenience of this service means that you do not have to adjust your schedule to fit in the grooming service.


Does your pet have trouble spending time away from you? When you use mobile grooming services, you do not need to worry about your pet’s separation anxiety. In fact, you trust that they are right outside your door in the comfort of their own yard and home. Without needing to leave them in the care of a groomer with a brick-and-mortar location for many hours, you can have the peace of mind that your pet is right there if they need you.

Quick Service

When you travel to-and-from the groomer, you waste time in the car with each trip you need to make. You may also spend time waiting in line once you get there. With mobile grooming, you save all the time it normally takes for transportation while also saving time on waiting. Mobile grooming services are here for you and your pet alone, meaning that they will likely take only 1-2 hours to complete the entire process. Instead of waiting hours for a call that the groomer is done, they will bring the pet right back to your door when the quick services are complete.

Prioritizes Quality

With the ability to focus solely on your pet, mobile grooming services focus on quality over quantity. We do not concern ourselves with grooming many different animals at once, and this allows us to perform a quality job on your pet. Your dog or cat will receive individualized attention and grooming services tailored exactly to his or her needs, which will leave him happy and looking great.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider trying a mobile pet grooming service the next time you reach for the phone to book a grooming appointment. If you are looking for a quality and experienced pet grooming in Orlando, FL, try the experts at Emi Pet.

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