4 Dog Breeds that are Easy to Groom

4 Dog Breeds that are Easy to Groom

It’s no secret that dogs require work, time, and energy. When you want a dog, you may be concerned with all the fur that may stick to your furniture and clothes or the tangles that you’ll need to spend hours brushing. However, there are many dog breeds that require low maintenance are much simpler to keep groomed and looking great. As pros in mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL, we understand how to groom many different breeds so that you do not have to worry about any of the maintenance of your pet. These are some dog breeds that are easy to keep groomed.

Siberian Husky

It may sound too good to be true, but the Siberian Husky will repel dirt from its fur as though it is shedding. This means that dirt will not remain trapped on its fur, dirtying up your home and causing any messes. A husky has a double layer of fur, meaning that it has an insulating under layer and a protective, soft top layer. The undercoat has oils that repel dirt from sticking to it, which keeps it clean all the time. To keep your husky from shedding, you should aim to brush its top layer of fur at least twice a week.


The little and popular dog breed does not emit any dog odors, which means it smells fresh and clean all the time. A Pomeranian is a toy dog breed that many small dog lovers enjoy, especially for its pleasant odor and easy maintenance. They also come in many different colors and styles, so you can choose one that best suits all your needs.

Golden Retriever

The all-popular Golden Retriever is one of the best family dogs out there, and they are also beautiful dogs that many families welcome into their homes with open arms. One of the unique qualities of the coats of retrievers is that water rolls right off their backs. Their thick, oily coats insulate the dog from any weather fluctuations and also allow them to dry quickly if they get wet. This makes it much easier to keep your home clean, as your Golden Retriever will shake off both water and dirt easily.


The Beagle has a short fur coat that is simple to maintain, as you rarely have to brush it to keep it neat and tidy. Beagles only require baths every once in a while, to just remove any dirt or messes, but this does not need to be on a frequent basis. Because of the short fur, you do not need to worry about shedding, especially if you brush its fur once a week.

When you are looking for a dog breed that requires low maintenance and is easy to groom, you should consider one of these choices. As pros mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL, we know how to tackle all of your dog’s grooming needs so that you do not have to worry.

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