4 Grooming Tips to Help Minimize Your Dog Allergies

4 Grooming Tips to Help Minimize Your Dog Allergies

Being allergic to dogs does not always hold people back from owning their favorite furry friends. In fact, many pet owners choose to live with dogs despite their allergies. While this may pose some challenges to their health, it does not outweigh the positive impact that our pets have on our lives. As professionals in mobile grooming in Orlando, FL, we treat our pet clientele just like we would treat people. When you battle dog allergies, there are actually a few things you can do to combat these effects. Follow these grooming tips to help minimize your dog allergies.

Frequent Shampooing to Eliminate Dander

Washing your dog on a regular basis can make their dander much less prevalent on their skin. Many people get allergies from their pet’s dander, so this can help to reduce them significantly. It also prevents these allergens from going throughout your home, which can also increase your sensitivity. By regularly bathing your dog, you remove the dander from their skin and help to keep their skin clean and well-shampooed.

Brushing Hair

Many dog owners do not know that they should actually be brushing their dog each day to prevent pollen build up. When your dog comes inside from doing his or her business, you should also wipe them down before they enter your home. When they come into your home, they may bring with them their allergens or other contaminants that can adversely affect your allergies. Spend a little time grooming them before they enter and avoid these issues.

Clean Their Ears

Did you know that some allergies are actually caused by secretions from your dog’s mouth? Although this may sound disgusting, it is true. While you can groom your dog’s fur, this will not prevent the spread of these types of allergens. Instead, you will want to focus your attention on cleaning their eyes and ears on a routine basis. Also, if you have dog allergies, you should avoid letting your dog sleep in your bed and lay on your pillow.

Clean When They Are Gone

When the dog is at the groomer, you should spend your time deep cleaning your home. This is the perfect time to also remove pet dander and fur from your surfaces, floors, and furniture. When they are gone, they will also be removing any issues from their skin and getting fully cleaned. Once they return, you will likely notice that your allergies improve for the days or even weeks after the grooming session, especially if you have also made the effort to clean your home on the same day.

These are just a few tips to follow to groom your dog in a way that helps you minimize your dog allergies. By taking these steps, you can lessen the effects of dog allergies with the help of our mobile grooming in Orlando, FL.

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