4 Ways to Calm Your Dog Before Going to the Groomer

4 Ways to Calm Your Dog Before Going to the Groomer

Sometimes, dogs struggle with grooming practices. Anxious dogs tend to shake, squirm, struggle, sometimes bite or nip, and often times stress more than a groomer is able to control. While a professional in mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL is trained to work with anxious animals, the less stress in the situation the better for all parties. No one wants to think of their precious puppy being scared and alone in a situation they feel is a scary experience. That may leave you asking, what can you do to calm your anxious dog before going to the groomer?

Give Them a Quick Bath

Not all of these tips are restricted only to before the appointment. In fact, many ways to work with your dog's anxiety and nervousness are routine based. Bath time, being an important one. If you take your dog to the groomers, you know that they normally bathe your pup for you. That shouldn't stop you from doing the same at home. It keeps their coat clean, healthy, and they smell better. However, routine bath time will also normalize the activity. When dogs are anxious about baths, they will be anxious with the groomer. So, make it a habit to bathe your dog regularly to help lessen their anxiety.

Give Them Some Exercise

Taking your dog out for a walk, training session, or just play will help make them tired. It is a good tired, and they will have had fun. This practice is more than a bonding experience between you and your pet. It is actually an excellent way to help relieve anxiety and stress.

Enjoy a Car Ride

Sometimes, just to lessen anxiety, a car ride is in order. Not every dog is happy with the idea of car rides. As puppies, you can acclimatize them to rides around town a lot easier. But if your furry family enjoys a ride in the car, then make sure to give them a good one prior to the grooming appointment that they would normally be overly anxious to attend.

Other Methods

There are some other methods of relaxing your canine companion before a groomer. You could try aromatherapy, medicine, massage, and other calming aids. You can also train them to associate the groomer with something special and fun. The main goal is to help show your dog that they are in good hands and safe. So, associating the visit with a trip to the dog park to show off a haircut is not as absurd as it sounds. As always make sure to show them plenty of love and calming reassurance.

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