5 Benefits of Having Your Dog Professionally Groomed

5 Benefits of Having Your Dog Professionally Groomed

Many dog owners prefer grooming their dogs at home, but having your pup groomed professionally can save you energy and time. Grooming a dog takes patience, especially for dogs with behavioral issues, puppies, and pets with fluffy hair. Our experts on mobile pet grooming in Orlando offer the following benefits of having your dog professionally groomed.

Groomers are thorough

Professional grooming services usually include brushing, bathing, drying, trimming, and clipping. Grooming professionals brush or comb out any matted areas before bathing your dog, so it is easier to lather them up properly. They also clean out their ears and inspect them for any signs of infection. Once your dog's coat is dry, they will shave, trim, or clip it if requested or needed. Most groomers trim around a dog’s eyes, the tips of their ears, and the bottoms of their feet. In addition, they will trim your dog's nails to a comfortable length so they do not have any pain associated with having long nails. Many groomers also brush their dog's teeth with veterinarian-approved toothpaste.

Groomers have the right tools

Grooming professionals invest in the right tools to keep your pup looking its best, from adjustable grooming tables to rounded scissors and different types of clippers and accessories. They keep gentle, non-toxic shampoos on hand to deal with skin irritations, allergies, and fleas. Many groomers also know the process of grooming for show cuts according to specific breeds, which requires exceptional attention to detail and specialized knowledge. They will keep brushes on hand for different coats to remove dead hair and keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and shiny.

Groomers have experience handling dogs

Older dogs or those who become aggressive or anxious during the grooming process require confident and gentle handling. Some may even need muzzling for safety. Luckily, a professional groomer can handle all of these unique situations. In addition, if you suffer from arthritis or back pain, professional grooming services can help keep you from having to do any excessive lifting and handling to groom your dog at home.

Groomers take care of the dirty work

Flea and tick removal, shampooing a muddy or skunk prayed dog, and expressing anal glands are not very much fun, but they are part of the responsibility of being a dog owner. Professional groomers know all the best tips and tricks to handle these dirty jobs effectively with ease.

Groomers provide health benefits

In addition to decreasing the time you spend grooming your furry friend and keeping them smelling and looking great, professional groomers also offer some incredible health benefits, including:

  • Trimming nails to reduce the risk of painful posture, nail cracks, and tears.
  • Inspecting your pup for early detection of skin irritations, bumps, and lumps.
  • Removing dead skin and distributing natural oils through careful brushing.
  • Allowing for new healthy growth by removing dead and damaged hair with proper brushes.
  • Avoiding painful skin pulling by removing mats and detangling coats.
  • Preventing skin irritations with regular baths to remove dirt and irritants.

These are just some of the benefits of using a professional groomer. If you need mobile pet grooming in Orlando, contact us today to set your appointment and pamper your pooch.

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