5 Reasons to Get Your Cats Professionally Groomed

5 Reasons to Get Your Cats Professionally Groomed

Cats are one of the most hygienic house pets who spend much of their day on personal hygiene and grooming. They think of themselves as independent creatures who need no human interference for their grooming and keep themselves clean by licking their fur with their barbed tongue. However, sometimes it is necessary to groom your pet cats to look clean, groomed, and gorgeous while walking.

These are some prominent reasons that you should call up our mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL to keep your cat looking great and staying healthy.

To Avoid Fleas and Ticks' Infestations

Regular grooming of your feline will help you to prevent them from flea and tick infestations. If unfortunately, your cat gets infected by these plagues, it will take weeks or months to get rid of. Therefore, you must try hard to prevent your cats from getting these attacks. And if you think that proper bathing is enough to get rid of those infestations, you are wrong. However, proper grooming will help you a lot to detect fleas and ticks and treat those microbial attacks properly.

To Prevent Matting and Other Skin Problems

There are some varieties of cats, like Persians, Maine, Coons, and Himalayans, who have beautiful, fluffy, thick long-haired coats, and sometimes, this coat causes matting issues. Therefore, you must regularly take your cats to a professional cat groomer who must wash their coats, trim their hair, and brush them regularly. Moreover, regular brushing maintains blood circulation and distributes the cat's natural oils equally throughout her skin and coat.

To Reduce the Ingestion of Hairballs

The digestive tract of cats produces a tuft of hair called hairballs after grooming cats. Mostly, cats expel these hairballs without any issue via vomiting or pooping. However, if hairball production occurs frequently, you must consult your cat's veterinarian. Proper grooming is something that will resolve this issue because it is inevitable that your cat will ingest some fur. So, proper brushing and grooming will reduce the amount of fur that your cat ingests.

To Inspect for Other Diseases

Proper grooming of cats by you or the cat groomer enables you to get more familiar with the marks on your cat's skin. You may find unusual lumps or bumps on its skin, suggesting some allergic issues. This way, you can detect the early symptoms of any disease prematurely and make a difference between the curable and incurable.

To Remove Allergens

If your cats have allergic problems, a proper bath will solve them by soothing their irritated skin. Your cat will get rid of dander and other irritating allergens by having a hypoallergenic bath. Remember, before you bathe your cat, you must consult your veterinarian for treatment and design a grooming plan.

Cats are lovely pet animals that require more attention than dogs in their grooming. Though cats groom themselves, in some cases, it is very necessary to groom them professionally. Contact our mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL to get your cat on our grooming schedule today.

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