5 Tips for Grooming Doodles

5 Tips for Grooming Doodles

Everyone knows that Doodle dogs are popular. They account for nearly 50% of the dogs groomed by professionals in the US. This is probably because Doodle coats are some of the most difficult to care for, so owners turn to professionals for help. Our experts on mobile dog grooming in Orlando recommend these tips for grooming a Doodle:

Use conditioner to manage knots

You can make your Doodle’s hair more manageable with a conditioning shampoo and leave-in conditioning spray. These products will help you ease out knots in matted areas and keep your dog's coat moisturized, healthy, and beautiful. But, of course, brushing your Doodle frequently will also go a long way in keeping knots at bay.

Preparation is vital when scissoring

Once your Doodle has a knot-free, beautiful coat, you will want to make sure it is in top condition for scissoring. Use a degreasing shampoo to strip away the oils in their hair and allow it to stand up from their skin for best results. Degreasing shampoos will crisp up your Doodle’s coat and ensure their hair is adequately fluffed for proper scissoring.

Buy the right tools

For a Doodle coat that is perfectly fluffed, purchase a good comb and slicker that allows you to dig right into their thick, curly mane. For best results, you will need a comb with widely spaced, long pins that can help you with detangling their coat.

Highlight their curls

Many Doodle owners prefer to keep their dog's coat curly after grooming. Spritz them down with a doggie curl activator while their coat is still wet to encourage a curly coat without the need for scissoring. If you choose to scissor their coat, spray on the curl activator with some water and scrunch it to help the curls come back.

Get educated

If you want to learn the best way to groom your Doodle's coat, it can be helpful to watch a DVD or video on the subject. There are some great options online to give you practical, valuable advice on finding the proper trim for your Doodle based on the characteristics of their coat and how to trim their face to provide them with a super cute expression. Try a quick YouTube search for Doodle grooming demonstrations and learn about the best processes, tools, products, and tips that other people have learned to keep their Doodles looking great.

There is no one right way for grooming your Doodle. Every Doodle is different, so what works for someone else's pet might not work well for your dog. Use these tips to find the grooming practices that work best for your pup. But if all else fails, find a professional groomer to keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and fabulous.

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