5 Tips to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Kids

5 Tips to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Kids

Are you and your family getting excited about bringing a new dog into your home? A dog can bring smiles to your children’s faces and life into your home. While a new dog can bring excitement and thrill to your life, you also want to be smart about interactions between your new pup and your children. As professionals in mobile grooming in Orlando, FL, we help many families with their pets. As you prepare for the arrival of your new dog, you should prepare your children. These are a few tips to get ready and greet your new dog when you have children in the home.

Prepare Your Home

Before you bring your pet home, you should prepare your home for his or her arrival. Create a space that can be designated for the dog, as you will want to introduce them to these elements first. Crates, beds, or gated areas work great for dog training in those first few months. By getting this area set up before their arrival, you will be able to get them accustomed to their ‘safe’ space once they get home. This way, they always know where to go when they are tired, overwhelmed, or just need some space.

Use a Leash

When introducing your dog to your children, you should use a leash. Although you may want your puppy to run freely throughout your home, you should take baby steps when first introducing everyone. By keeping your dog on a leash, you are in control of the situation. Your children can approach your dog, but you will also be able to pull back or bring your dog closer if anything gets uncomfortable during their meeting.

Supervise the Entire Time

During those first few months with your new dog, you need to always be around to supervise any exchanges with your children. Although they may be getting along just fine, you should still make sure that a parent or guardian is there to keep an eye on things. Puppies can still be easily agitated, and they are also ferocious chewers, so you want to be there to supervise all the time.

Stay Calm

If something goes wrong, stay calm. If your children become shy and do not want to interact with your new dog, keep calm. Do not force anything, as this can just create issues that will persist. Instead, give everyone time and patience when they are getting used to having a pet in the home. By staying calm, you can also assess any situation and make the best choices to keep everyone safe and happy.

Take It One Step at a Time

Puppies take work. As they grow used to your home and their new space, they will take time to explore, get comfortable, and learn their new routine. Make sure that you take it one step at a time by introducing things slowly. Avoid large get togethers, watch out for overstimulation, and just make sure that you prioritize the health of your dog and children first and foremost.

By taking the time to introduce your new dog to your children in the best way possible, you can start their relationship off on the right foot. If you are looking for more help with your dog, contact our professionals for mobile grooming in Orlando, FL today!

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