Five Canine Haircut Options

Five Canine Haircut Options

When you take your pup to the groomer, they usually come home looking spiffy. However, grooming isn't only about appearances. Dog haircuts help ensure your dog remains clean and cozy throughout the year. Most groomers suggest that you complete dog grooming every 6 to 8 weeks. However, this might depend on the dog breed, time of year, and preferred dog hairstyle. Understanding your alternatives ahead of time can help you speak with the groomer and arrange a productive grooming schedule.

When you take your pup to the groomer, you may want to chop off some fur to keep your canine cool in the summer. However, if you have a special result in mind, you should learn how to use the correct groomer language. When talking to your groomer, always identify the length and areas you want them to trim, even if you're utilizing one of the terms below. Our experts on mobile dog grooming in Orlando explain these haircut choices:

Teddy Bear Trim

The teddy bear cut is also described as the puppy cut. The length is usually consistent all over the body and is meant to compare to the length of your canine's fur when it was a pup. Typically, the coat is left roughly ½-inch to 1-inch long. The manner of the cut around their face may vary. Some groomers keep the hair on their legs longer when they perform a teddy bear cut. However, the hair near your dog's face is often left intact with this kind of style.

Summer Cut

You can keep your long-haired canine cool by clipping its fur in the summer. A summer cut is typically a short all-over technique, with some choosing to leave the ear and tail fur longer.

Kennel Cut

Kennel cuts are usually extremely short. However, some groomers assume a kennel cut to be the same as a puppy trim, so ensure you know what you're receiving by comprehensively examining your desires and necessities with your groomer before starting the appointment.

The ideology behind a kennel cut is that you should only keep hunting or show dog's coat short in the offseason. Hunting dogs might need to maintain long coats to shield them from the elements when they're outside, and show dogs are meticulously styled throughout the show season. Longer pelts require more maintenance than shorter coats, and some owners like to take a vacation from that care whenever they can.

Breed Cut

Every breed has a standard cut. However, some demand more upkeep than others. Breeds that include especially distinct styles are schnauzers, spaniels, and poodles. Dog breed profiles can deliver a look at what each breed cut is traditionally designed to look like.

Top Knot

Many owners of little dogs like to keep the fur on the head stretched into a top knot to prevent the hair from getting in their pups' eyes. Top knots are frequently accented with bows for additional fashion and delight.

Choose one of these haircut options next time your pup has mobile dog grooming in Orlando. Then, call us today for more details about how we can pamper your pooch and give them the tender loving care they deserve.

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