Five Reasons to Trim Your Dog’s Long Hair This Summer

Five Reasons to Trim Your Dog’s Long Hair This Summer

Have you noticed that your dog has been getting more tangles than usual? Do you spend time in the woods with your pet? When you take your dog outdoors and spend time exploring in the summer, your dog’s long hair may suffer some severe consequences. As a mobile dog grooming service in Orlando, FL, we are here to help prevent these issues. These are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your long-haired dog trimmed and fresh during the summer months.

Avoid Burrs

If you like to take your dog with you on adventures through nature, you will likely notice they may start collecting burrs in their belly fur, between their paws, or in their leg fur. Burrs come from long grasses and shrubs, which are plentiful at this time of year. By keeping your pet’s hair nicely trimmed and short, you can avoid some of these burrs getting deep into their hair and requiring long sessions to remove them all.

Prevent Tangles

Outdoor play is much more common in the summer, but that also means your dog is probably running a little faster, tumbling a little harder, and just enjoying all the summer glory. Although this is a fantastic time, it can cause tangles in their long hair. Hair whips around in the wind, tangles in those swimming sessions, and catches on sticks, grasses, or shrubs. Prevent these issues by just keeping the hair short and simple during these times of exploration.

Avoid Eat Matting

Ear tufts are much more common in long-haired dogs because of the tangles that can occur behind the ears. This difficult-to-reach places can sometimes go neglected during grooming sessions at home, making them become much worse much quicker. To avoid ear matting and tangling, it is important to do routine brushing in these areas or just keep the hair short during summer months.

Relief from the Heat

Summer brings warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. However, this also brings in extreme heat and humidity. Long-haired dogs have a much more difficult time staying cool during these times. Keeping them short during the summer months will allow them to get some relief from the hottest days and give them a tad more enjoyment when the sun is blasting.

Keep it Simple

Those who trim their long-haired dogs during the summer months will have a much easier time keeping their dog (and their homes) clean. After a day on the trails or at the pool, they can quickly rinse their dogs without all the hassle of brushing them out, combing each section, and removing any tangles. One quick rinse and your short-haired dog will be ready to go inside.

By grooming your dog during the summer, you can prevent many of these issues from occurring, which can save you a lot of time and aggravation. If you are ready to give your furry friend a much-needed trim, contact our reputable mobile dog grooming service in Orlando, FL to get on our schedule today.

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