Five Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding

Five Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding

Shedding is often the number one complaint we here from our dog owners. While we all love our ultra-furry friends, our carpets, furniture, and clothes have something else to say about all the fur they leave behind on them. As grooming experts offering mobile grooming in Clermont, FL, we understand all about dog hair – and we are here to clue you in. These are just a few tips to help those furry dog owners reduce shedding in their homes.

Brush Your Dog Often

The best way to prevent your dog from shedding is to brush them regularly. By brushing them a few times a week, you can maintain their coat and prevent it from becoming loose and wild. The number of times you should brush your dog will depend on the length of their fur. As a rule of thumb, long-haired dogs need to be brushed more frequently than short haired dogs.

Your Brush Matters

Make sure that you purchase the right brush for your dog’s fur type. Using the best brush possible for your dog’s coat will reduce the shedding in your home. Combs work well for removing dander and hair on short-haired dogs, while wire-pin brushes are ideal for long-haired dogs with coarser fur. If your dog has thin, long hair, you may want to grab a slicker brush for easier detangling and smooth brushing.

Give Them a Balanced Diet

Many people do not realize that their dog’s diet can actually reduce their shedding. If you give your dog a complete and balanced diet, you can give them the nutrients they need to boost the appearance and quality of their coat. If you think their food needs an extra boost, consider supplements for dog coat enhancement.

Bathe Them Often

A bath can also go a long way in reducing dog shedding. When you bathe your dog frequently, you remove all the dead skin and hair from their coat, not only enhancing their appearance but also reducing the dander and shedding. When bathing them, consider using a shed-control shampoo to specially treat the coat.

Get Routine Grooming

Professional grooming services can go a long way in reducing shedding in your home. When your dog is bathed, trimmed, and brushed thoroughly on a routine basis, they are kept cleaner and fresher. This prevents their hair from growing too long and falling all over your clothes and carpets. We have many professionals that can keep up with your pup’s pampering so you don’t have to worry about all that hair.

By taking these steps on a daily or weekly basis, you can keep the dog shedding at bay in your home. Reducing the shedding requires consistent grooming, and that can become time-consuming. To take the burden off dog owners, we are here to offer quality mobile grooming in Clermont, FL. Contact us today to book your appointment and we’ll come straight to you!

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