Four Tips for Connecting With Your Canine

Four Tips for Connecting With Your Canine

Developing a serious, deep relationship with your pup is essential to being a suitable dog parent. Unfortunately, a common misconception dog owners experience is that our existence alone is enough to keep our dogs happy. While this might be true in part, there are actions you can take to bond with your dog on a more profound level daily. Below are some tips for enhancing your relationship with your dog from our experts on mobile dog grooming in Clermont, FL.

Play Games

Across different species, scientists have observed that parents who play with their kids also have the most powerful bond. This also holds true in the connection between people and dogs. But, playing with your canine is about more than simply tiring them out.

Try to be imaginative and surprise them with new games, so they never know what's coming next. Make a game of fetch enjoyable by using different balls or numerous balls at once, so they don't stop appearing.

Put Love into their Meals

All great things should come from you. The path to most canines' hearts is via their stomachs. You show them you care by crafting healthy, tasty meals for your pup. Rather than leaving food out all day for your pup, feed them twice daily.

Take Your Pup on a Safari of Smells

Taking a walk with your canine is a great way to exercise and spend quality time with them. But have you considered taking them on a safari of smells?

It is comparable to a walk, but the roles are reversed. Instead, it is an expedition in which your canine sniffs whatever they want and leads you where they want to go, letting your dog explore the world through all its beautiful smells.

Dogs like to take in the fragrances on a walk but are frequently prevented from doing so as owners encourage them to keep pushing. This can be frustrating to your canine, as they are deprived of an opportunity to follow their snouts. Envision going on a trek and being whisked ahead too quickly to register the mountains' view visually. The experience can be comparable to dogs.

When out on a safari of smells, you let your dog explore based on the aromas around them. These experiences will leave your canine more content than they would be after a routine walk and are an excellent way to bolster your relationship.

Clear Communication

Most of us comprehend how misconceptions and inadequate communication can be the source of human relationship issues. Well, the same goes for our furry friends! Dogs may assume the meaning of a few words like walk, down, and treat, but they cannot comprehend the human tongue.

To deduce what we mean, canines depend on our bodily cues. So it's essential to be consistent when speaking with them. We can easily send scrambled signals if we're just paying attention to what our mouths are communicating but not what our body language is saying. For instance, telling your canine to stay while keeping your hand out like a traffic cop physically reminds her to approach you.

Try spending a whole day not speaking a word to your canine. Instead, articulate only with your body. You will notice how much you can get across with bodily cues. In addition, you'll feel closer if you have an improved understanding. Follow these tips to connect with your canine, and call us today for mobile dog grooming in Clermont, FL.

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