Four Ways to Manage Dog Shedding

Four Ways to Manage Dog Shedding

We all adore snuggling up near our furry companions until we are prepared to walk out the door and detect dog fur all over our clothing. Unfortunately, dog hair is often enough to make you crazy when you discover it stuck to your apparel, the sofa, and all over your bed. While shaving your pooch entirely may be alluring, it can harm his coat and, in the long run, will accomplish little in controlling shedding. Thankfully, with a few easy coat care steps, you can complete at-home help to control shedding and provide a healthy coat for your companion.

Consider Shed-Free Breeds

If the pet hair is far too much for you to bear, consider adopting a shed-free dog. There are varied breeds, like Poodles, that minimally shed. These breeds are an ideal choice for people that are inclined to allergies. While shedding is minimal for these breeds, routine grooming is still essential to preserve a healthy coat.

Clean Your House

Even if your canine is not a serious shedder, they still like to frolic and roll outside. It's essential to regularly tend your residence if you have pets in the home. Routine sweeping and vacuuming can significantly reduce the quantity of dog hair in the house. Those with allergies need to make cleaning a focus as the hair and dander from canines can cause allergy flare-ups.

Regular Grooming

In addition to regular brushing, your buddy should see a dog groomer often. Professional groomers are qualified in dog hygiene and fur care, so they can look for skin conditions or other problems. In addition, regularly grooming your canine decreases the odds of tangles and mats and endows you with a sweet-smelling dog. Professional groomers can also provide you with tips for home care of your distinct dog breed. We offer experienced grooming appointments that come directly to you.

Finding the Proper Brush

Regular brushing is the most straightforward way to control your dog's shedding. It is also crucial in reducing mats or painful hair tangles that can damage your dog's skin. However, different breeds have different brushing demands, so it is vital to locate the right brush. For example, short-haired breeds require less frequent brushing while long-haired breeds require daily brushing. Therefore, a soft bristle brush is sufficient for short-haired breeds, while dogs with double coats might need slicker brushes or coat rakes. If you're unsure which brush to buy, pop into your local grooming shop and examine your options with their knowledgeable staff. These shops carry a broad spectrum of grooming instruments and products.

The next time you're searching for a mobile dog grooming in Orlando, FL, feel free to give us a call! Our professional groomers provide services perfect for ousting that doggy smell and decreasing excessive shedding. Additionally, our experienced groomers are proficient in spoiling dogs of all breeds. Or, if you're looking for combs and tangle tamers, we offer various grooming products. Contact us today for more information on what we have available.

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