How to Keep Your Home Clean when You Have a Dog

How to Keep Your Home Clean when You Have a Dog

Dogs find their way into our hearts and our homes. When you live with a dog, you have likely adjusted your lifestyle to easily meet their needs, but this may result in increased cleaning for you. Depending on the type of dog you have, you may find yourself always vacuuming carpets to remove fur and using a lint brush to look good when you leave. By taking these steps, you can keep your home clean and your pet healthy.

Vacuum Regularly

Even though it will take more work, you should vacuum your house often to keep it free of pet dander and fur.  Many pet owners even invest in vacuums that are specific for pet-related messes, as they are stronger and will last longer.  For those that don't have the time to run the vacuum frequently, you may want to consider a robotic vacuum that can clean while you are at work.

Get Some Rugs

To save the floors from pet scratches and other messes, you should put rugs throughout your home.  Rugs are a great way to protect the floors and make it easier to clean up after your pet.  You will especially want to have rugs in the entryway and near any doors, as it will prevent your dog from dirtying your floors with muddy or dirty paws.

Spend Time Outside

Going outdoors is another great way to burn some of your dog’s energy so they are more relaxed inside your home.  When they have decreased energy, they will cause fewer issues in your home.  This can prevent them from destroying furniture, having accidents, and running around the house making messes.

Cover Furniture

Many people choose to train their pets to stay off their furniture, but for those that allow their dogs to lay with them on the furniture, you will want to cover your furniture.  Couch covers are great ways to protect your couches from dirt, pet hair, and scratches that can eventually ruin the furniture entirely.

Trim Your Dog's Nails

Keeping your dog's nails trimmed is one of the best ways to avoid making additional messes to your home.  If your dog has long nails, they can scratch the floors, destroy your cushions, and much more.  You should have your dog's nails trimmed every few months so that you can avoid these damages.

Get Your Dog Groomed

To manage your dog’s fur and keep him/her smelling great, you should also consider getting your dog professionally groomed often. By having a routine with your dog’s grooming, you can keep their fur short, which will result in less shedding in your home. You also keep them smelling great, preventing any odors in your home as well. Our mobile dog grooming in Clermont, FL makes it easy for you to stay on top of their grooming schedule.

These are a few ways that you can maintain your home when you have a dog. Even if you live with a dog, you can keep your home clean with the help of our mobile dog grooming in Clermont, FL. To get on our schedule, contact Emi Pet today!

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