Reasons to Get Your Dog Groomed Before the Holidays

Reasons to Get Your Dog Groomed Before the Holidays

A lot of times when the holiday season hits, you find yourself running around and stretching yourself thin to get everything in order. It is easy to forget that your dog needs a bath and haircut. But why is it important to do this before the holidays? The holidays are a time when family and friends come to enjoy celebrations, and this may mean opening up your home. The last thing you want to worry about is your pet having a smelly odor or long, scratchy nails. These are a few great reasons to get your dog groomed with our mobile grooming in Orlando, FL before the holidays this year.

Prepare For Company

The first thing to consider when looking at why you should groom your dog before the holidays is company. When they come to your home, you always run around cleaning. You make sure your pad is as welcoming as one they would see in a magazine. However, winter coats shed. Not to mention, the appearance of your pet represents you. Grooming your dog can eliminate a lot of shed hair, while making them pretty and clean for your guests.

Health Benefits

Professional groomers do more than bathe and trim nails. They also get close enough to your pups to thoroughly examine their coat, skin, and teeth. They are able to spot health hazards that owners tend to miss. If there are any cuts, dry spots, or trouble areas, they can inform you in time to have it tended to properly. This is a great way to avoid any holiday pet emergencies that cause worry and empty pockets.

Prepare Your Pet for Social Life

When the holiday season hits, things get busy. You see a lot of family, friends, and associates that only come around due to obligation of the season. Having your dog visit the friendly groomers who likely sneak them treats will get them prepared for the social traffic in their life to come. This is important for younger puppies when teaching them how to properly socialize. It promotes friendly and loving behavior.

The Importance of Grooming

Grooming is more than a service to make your dog look cute. It is a socializing tool, and a health benefit. Grooming professionals are able to help with flea, tick, and other issues that your dog may be suffering through. Regular grooming is a ritual of love and compassion. When you have regular grooming appointments for your pup, they become more loving. They are social, and you are informed of any potential health risks. Furthermore, if you get their nails trimmed about a week before you have company, the nail will be rounded and smooth. A proper trim will last 4-6 weeks. Lastly, you are able to cut down and control the amount of dog hair on furniture and clothing with regular grooming.

If you want to get your dog groomed before the holidays, it is time to schedule your appointment with our mobile grooming in Orlando, FL. Contact Emi Pet to schedule your appointment today!

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