Reasons to Groom Your Dog for the Summer

Reasons to Groom Your Dog for the Summer

With the summer in full swing, concerned dog owners may wonder, "Should I get my pup a summer haircut to keep them cool?" Of course, most of us shed our garments until we wear shorts or bathing suits in the blazing summer heat. However, if less is more for us when the temperature spikes, is it the same for our pets, too?

Well, the solution isn't a straightforward yes or no. Grooming your canine relies on the breed, and if necessary, you want to guarantee a correctly accomplished job. That's why mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL, is often the most profitable way to go. But before you make an appointment with the groomer, here are some things you should understand about grooming your furry companion this summer.

Which Breeds Benefit from Summer Cuts?

Different breeds have distinct grooming demands. While every canine breed is distinctive, some breeds inherently have more fur than others. Hounds with dense, weighty coats like St. Bernards or Bernese Mountain Dogs will innately retain heat. Resist shaving shorter-hair breed canines because they do not benefit from it, and they risk the possibility of getting burnt in the sun. A summer cut is unwarranted for canines with inherently shorter coats, like Boxers, Pinschers, and Dalmations.

To sum everything up, dog breeds that benefit from summer cuts include:

  • Most Doodles
  • Poodles
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • St. Bernards
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Advantages of a Summer Cut

Grooming your canine in the summer helps decrease heat and can make your pup more relaxed. Like people, dogs maintain a natural cooling system, but how they regulate their body temp differs from ours. Hounds have physical mechanisms like panting, perspiring, and shedding to keep themselves cool. Nevertheless, dogs are more in danger of overheating than we are. Overheating can quickly evolve into heatstroke, which is more severe for canines than most believe.

Appropriate Canine Care is Critical

Maintaining your canine's grooming ritual is not all about appearance, though that is certainly one motivator. Grooming is also about maintaining a close eye on the state of your puppy's skin, ears, and nails — resolving minor issues before they evolve into enormous ones. Like people, dogs feel best when they are spotless and healthy. In short, routinely brush your pup's fur and attempt to wash them frequently, as a fresh, brushed coat permits better air circulation, keeping them cool in excessive heat.

How a Dog's Coat Works

A canine's coat, by essence, is a built-in temperature controller. Since dog hides act as insulation, they're excellent for colder winter months. But this natural insulation sometimes backfires in summer by entrapping heat near their bodies. A summer trim goes a long way if your pup has an inherently heavy coat. In addition, dogs don't sweat how people do, so their body heat requires external help to escape. Grooming will let excess heat escape their bodies, giving them a little comfort.

These are just some reasons to groom your dog for the summer. Contact us today for mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL.

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