Taking the Anxiety Out of Nail Trims

Taking the Anxiety Out of Nail Trims

Trimming nails is the least favorite of all the responsibilities performed by veterinary healthcare experts. Canines do not appreciate nail trims either. Our mobile pet grooming experts in Clermont, FL, offer a few ways to make trimming nails less stressful for both canines and humans.

Desensitizing older hounds to nail trimming requires patience. You cannot rush the process. ObserveInstead, monitor your dog's reaction as you observe the steps below and duplicate actions if your dog has trouble along the way.

How to help a dog have successful, non-stressful nail trims

Get your dog used to seeing nail clippers.

Remember that this tool might be new to your canine or be connected to past trauma. Either way, you have to fix the dread of clippers. First, call your dog and pick up the clippers in their sight. Act pleased when you hold the clippers and give your pup a treat. Duplicate this action several times daily for a week or two. Your canine should quickly remember to connect the presence of the clippers with praise and treats. Once she gets excited to see the clippers move on to the next step.

Train your dog to allow paw handling.

When your pooch is relaxed, lightly brush their shoulder and make your way down to their paw. Use a gentle voice to keep them tranquil as you gently rub their feet. Then concentrate on their toes, providing each one a gentle squeeze. Next, use gentle pressure on the nail itself. If your pup gets scared or yanks back her foot, stop for a while and resume only when she calms down. Treats may augment verbal rewards but are not a replacement for them. Withhold both when the hound retracts her foot, but don't reprimand her. Duplicate this process several times per day.

Now go back to the clippers.

Acquaint your dog with the sound of the clippers by replicating step one with this expansion—open and close them as you speak to your dog and present a treat. Gradually reduce the space between your dog and the clippers without touching your pup with the device. When she is excited to hear the sound of the clippers and takes the praise or treat, she is ready for the next step.

Combine paw handling with clippers.

The objective is to prepare your canine to handle the touch of the clippers. Sit on the floor with your pup relaxed and take her paw with one hand while opening and closing the clippers with the other. Then put them on the floor. Duplicate the process and gradually move the clippers closer to your dog every time. If your pooch stays relaxed near the clippers, gently touch the clippers to one toe while speaking in a gentle voice and offer a treat if needed. If your pup remains relaxed, touch every toe with the clippers. If she gets anxious or rescinds her foot, take a break. Wait a bit and try again with a more delicate touch.

Attack the nail trim.

Once your pooch stays calm while holding her paw, making the clipper noise, and touching them to her foot, you are ready to attack the actual nail trim. Grasp her paw and gently hold a single toe. Trim the tip of the nail. Do not cut too much off at first to avoid revealing the quick. Reward your canine with praise and a treat after cutting each nail. Do not demand finishing all four paws in a single sitting. Many canines do better if trimming is separated into shorter increments. Strive to trim one or two nails, followed by a break.

These are a few ways to get your dog used to nail trims. Contact us today if you need mobile grooming in Clermont, FL. We want to pamper your pup!

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