The Mobile Grooming Process

The Mobile Grooming Process

Mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL, is a growing trend among dog owners. Unfortunately, many dog owners today are too active to care for their canine friend's grooming, so they depend on the service of experienced groomers to help tidy them up. Fortunately, mobile grooming services have become increasingly familiar among groomers, leading to many professional groomers emerging on the market.

These grooming services are suitable for any dog owner. Aside from being an occupied owner, it also helps individuals who may not have dependable transportation to take their canine to the nearest salon. Or if your pup is experiencing health problems and can't move around much, then a mobile grooming service is ideal for ensuring they don't over-exert themselves.

The grooming

When they arrive on your property with their equipment, your mobile groomer will start issuing the services you asked them to complete on your canine companion. First off, if you have selected a bathing service, they will proceed to bathe them and apply shampoo. Then, they will gently distribute the shampoo and carefully confirm that it covers them in every required area. Once the shampoo has been washed out of their fur, the groomer will use a moisturizer or conditioner to help improve the dog's coat. When the moisturizer is utilized, it will typically take a few minutes for the moisturizer to settle into your dog's skin. During this grooming stage, the groomer will carefully examine your canine companion to see if there is anything amiss, like ticks or any other health problem they need to inform you about so you can take the dog to the vet.

Drying them off

After the moisturizer settles in, they will rinse your dog off one more time before readying them for drying. Generally, groomers have a dryer on hand. The first towel is used to dry the water off before placing them on the table for a more thorough drying. A second towel is positioned under them to catch any excess moisture during the drying process.

Most dogs are not fans of the drying aspect of a grooming session, so groomers often use a tool called the groomer's helper. It is an apparatus that keeps the pup from running off the table during their blow-dry. It's comparable to how you leash your dog to something so it won't run away, so it is entirely harmless for them. Then, when drying is completed, it's time for the other requested services, like a haircut.


Here your groomer begins to cut your canine's hair, typically employing a hair buzzer to trim the pup down. However, the more delicate areas, like the head area, are trimmed with a pair of scissors instead of a hair buzzer. The scissors and clippers are expressly designed for canines instead of human hair. Once they complete your pet's new hairstyle, the groomer will proceed to the next portion of the service, like trimming your dog's nails.

The cleanup

Once your groomer has finished the entire grooming process, they will return your pup to your front door before they begin cleaning the area they utilized to spoil your dog.

We hope this helps you better understand mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL. Contact us today to schedule grooming for your furry companion.

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