The Significance of Regular Nail Trims for Your Canine

The Significance of Regular Nail Trims for Your Canine

One grooming element that dog owners often overlook is routine nail trims. Whether your pup frequently sees a groomer or not, keeping their nails trimmed is critical. The significance of nail trimming is about much more than appearance. Neglected nails can lead to a combination of health issues, including:

Joint Issues

If your canine is continuously walking everywhere on nails that are too lengthy, the force from the nail pounding the floor can usher in chronic pain in its toe joints. This issue may force your dog to walk funny or whine in pain while walking.

Damaged Nails

While nails need to be rather long to grow into a paw pad, nails that are even a little bit too long can cause problems for your canine friend. In addition, damaged or splintered nails are standard when a dog has not had them trimmed lately. This issue is distressing for your canine, and broken nails are more likely to get snagged on carpeting or furniture.


The most significant threat of an ingrown nail is an infection. Nails have filth and germs stuck under them, which can induce a nasty infection if the nail cuts into your pup's paw pad. While you can usually correct this by removing the nail, a more severe infection may demand surgical removal of the involved toe.

Ingrown Nails

As nails develop, they start to curve and press into the paw pad. If you've ever experienced an ingrown nail, you understand just how distressing this can be. Ingrown nails frequently need to be surgically extracted and could lead to weeks of healing with the cone of shame for your canine.


Short nails are essential for preserving balance while your puppy walks, runs, or plays. However, nails that are lengthy enough to graze the floor can induce pain and distress. In addition, the strain of long, painful nails can provoke your dog to walk funny and might lead to splayed, distorted paws.

Nail trimming is frightening to many dog owners, but it is straightforward with a bit of practice and patience! Begin by getting your canine used to having his feet handled - play with and grip his paws in your hands. Then, gently apply and boost pressure to each toe joint. Always keep treats on hand to reward your companion for being such a great sport! Once they are used to paw handling, show him the grinder or clipper you will utilize and allow him to get comfortable with it - give it a few clips off of the nail so he gets accustomed to the sound. The next stage is the real clipping. Firmly grasp your canine's paw in your hand, and don't start unless he is peaceful and comfortable. Then, cut the nails one at a time at a 45-degree angle, bypassing the quick (the middle of the nail that includes blood vessels). If you and your canine are still too squeamish to attempt nail trimming at home, don't be scared to give us a call. We offer mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL, and provide nail trims and grinding.

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