4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Florida Heat

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Florida Heat

Warm temperatures can make you sweat or keep you indoors, but imagine what it can do to your furry friends when they spend time in the sun. Their coats of fur provide them with an additional insultation layer, which can be a major issue when you live in climates with extreme temperatures. In Florida, we have mild winters, but our summers can get quite warm. During these bouts of extreme heat, it is recommended by our mobile dog grooming in Orlando, FL that you take extra care of your pets. These are a few ways to keep your dog cool in the Florida heat.

Keep Water Available

Dogs need to stay hydrated, no matter the outdoor temperatures. When the temperatures rise, they will only need access to more water. Allow your dog to drink as much water as they want during bouts of hot temperatures and extreme sunshine. If you want to keep them interested in their water bowl, add a few ice cubes to keep them even cooler during these times.

Use Cool Cloths

If you have to be outside during these hot days, use cooling cloths on your dog’s fur to prevent any overheating. These cloths can be wet and applied to skin to cool down your dog, or they can be worn as a vest that is designed to deflect the heat. Invest in some of these cooling clothes when you live in a hot, humid climate to keep your pet safe.

Use a Spray Bottle with Water

When you are sitting in the sun, spray your dog with a spray water bottle over time. Set a timer to remind yourself to spray your dog so they can stay cool. If you can, add ice to the water bottle so that the water stays cool. Be sure that the water bottle is not sitting in the direct sunlight, as this can cause the water temperature to rise and cause discomfort when you spray your pup.

Recognize the Signs of Heat Stroke

Although you should take steps to prevent a heat stroke, it may occur. When this happens, you should be able to detect it immediately by recognizing the signs, such as excessive thirst and panting, weakness or fatigue, vomiting, disorientation, or heavy drooling. If you suspect your dog is having a heat stroke, immediately take him to a cool place and contact your vet.

To help your dog beat the heat, you should implement these habits into your lifestyle on those hot summer days. When you own a dog, you need to take extra time to care for them by giving them the best grooming experinece. Our mobile dog grooming in Orlando, FL makes it easy to bathe, brush, and clean your pets. Contact us to hear more about our grooming services today.

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