Tips for Managing Pet Shedding

Tips for Managing Pet Shedding


Pet shedding is a common problem for pet owners, and it can be a hassle to manage. From frequent vacuuming to washing your pet's bedding, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of fur that some animals leave around your home. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to keep shedding under control. Here are our top tips for managing pet shedding.

Brushing and Grooming

Regular brushing and grooming is one of the most important ways to manage your pet’s shedding. Brushing helps remove excess fur before it has a chance to spread throughout your home, and it also helps distribute natural oils across your pet’s coat which keeps their skin healthy. While how often you should brush your pet depends on the breed, trying to brush them every day or two will help reduce the amount of hair they shed in your house. If you’re having trouble keeping up with regular brushing, mobile pet grooming Orlando FL services can help make sure that your pet gets groomed regularly without adding extra stress into your daily routine.



Frequent bathing is another great way to reduce shedding in your home. Regular baths will help remove dirt and debris from their fur before it has a chance to spread around the house, as well as helping remove any built-up oils or dead fur that is clinging onto their coat. As with brushing, how often you should bathe them depends on the breed, but we recommend bathing them every 1-2 months depending on how active they are outdoors and how much time they spend near other animals or playing in mud puddles!


Diet & Supplements

Maintaining a proper diet for your pet is essential for managing their shedding – an unhealthy diet can lead to dry skin which leads to excessive shedding! Feeding them high quality food with added supplements like omega fatty acids can help improve the texture of their fur and keep their skin healthy and hydrated. Additionally, feeding them on a regular schedule will ensure that they get all the nutrients they need while avoiding overfeeding which can lead to weight gain (which also contributes to excessive shedding).

Overall, managing pet shedding doesn't have to be difficult if you take action early! Regular brushing and grooming combined with occasional baths and proper nutrition will go a long way towards reducing the amount of fur that spreads throughout your home - no matter what type of animal you have! If you're having trouble finding time for regular grooming sessions or just want some extra help managing their coat between baths, mobile pet grooming Orlando FL services may be exactly what you need.

If you’re in need of assistance on managing your pet's shedding, don't hesitate to hire a professional pet groomer. Emipet offers mobile pet grooming services from the comfort of your front yard. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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