Why You Should Get a Dog

Why You Should Get a Dog

People get lonely. Often times, they will look for love or add to their family. It isn't easy to just go out and find love. Not everyone wants or is ready for kids. So, how do you find the companionship you crave? Get a dog. Dogs add companionship, friendship, and relationships that can fill the hole in your life.

As professionals in mobile dog grooming in Orlando, FL, we understand the perks to having a canine companion; loyalty, love, companionship, and cuddles of course. However, there have been many studies and experiments performed to indicate the benefits for our health as well. These are a few reasons that you should have a dog to greatly benefit your life.

Dogs Extend Your Life

In a number of comprehensive studies between the 50's and 2020, it was revealed that dog owners live longer. Almost all of the tests strongly suggest that there is a connection between lower blood pressure and exposure to dogs. Just living in the same space as a dog can reduce the risk of coronary caused deaths. The bond between man and dog reduces stress, and that is scientifically backed up.

Dogs Aid in Coping

Many veterans, more than should ever have, live with PTSD. The psychological and physiological state that people who suffer from a crisis can be debilitating. Service dogs were studied with victims of PTSD. The studies show that having a service dog significantly improved the amount, and severity, of PTSD symptoms. Coping with crisis and PTSD is not something that anyone should have to do alone. Dogs can make this difficult journey a lot easier.

Dogs Promote Exercise

Dogs, like children, require a lot of energy. With kids, that energy is burnt chasing them around. With dogs, well, walks. Everyone knows that a healthy walk down a trail or on the sidewalk is rejuvenating and refreshing. However, a British study in 2019 shows that dog owners are 4 times more likely to walk a greater distance than non-dog owners. To put it simply, whereas the average walker spends about 2 and a half hours walking a week, dog owners double that time.

Dogs Make You More Appealing

If you are looking for love, love a dog. Dogs tend to improve the appeal and presence of their human counterparts. Even virtually, men who are accompanied by their furry buddy in their photographs are more likely to be swiped right on. This isn't just because people love dogs. Dog owners appear happier and a lot more relaxed.

Once you have a dog, you will want to care for your pet in the best way possible. If you are looking for a quality groomer, trust our professionals in mobile dog grooming in Orlando, FL. We offer the convenience of grooming your dog in our state-of-the-art mobile vehicles so you can easily fit us into your busy lifestyle.

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