4 Tips for Raising a Dog that Likes Grooming

4 Tips for Raising a Dog that Likes Grooming

Dog owners do their best to provide their pets with a stress-free, loving, warm environment to help them thrive. Pet lovers share a common dream of raising healthy, happy pups, from showering them with treats and toys and choosing the best food to providing quality exercise, training, and care.

Raising a healthy, happy dog requires regular grooming services, so our experts on mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL recommend these tips for raising your dog to love being groomed.

Teach them to be comfortable in a crate

Even if you do not like the idea of crate training your dog, there are situations when they will need to feel comfortable being crated, like grooming services, boarding, and visits to the vet. Also, it can be stressful for a dog that has never been in a crate to be introduced to one outside the home. It is better to create a positive association with being in a crate by giving your dog treats, toys, or food while they are in one. Just remember not to use the crate as punishment so it can be a quiet, calm retreat.

Help make them comfortable with standing on elevated surfaces

It is pretty uncommon for pet owners to let their dogs stand on the dining room table or kitchen counter. So, for many dogs, grooming services are the only time they get to stand on elevated surfaces, which can be very stressful when they are not accustomed to it. Practice lifting your dog safely onto an elevated surface and let them stand there calmly to prepare them for grooming services better. You can make the experience even more comfortable by putting down a non-slip mat and never leaving them unattended. Use one hand to hold their leash or collar while stroking their tail, touching their legs, or gently petting them with the other.

Hold their head in your hands

Your dog will need to remain calm and perfectly still at certain times during the grooming process, especially during facial trims. Your groomer will often hold their head in place by gently holding their muzzle or chin. You can practice these actions at home to help prepare them for grooming services. Remember to gently have their head in your hands and reward them for being calm and not jerking away from you. Once your dog can rest their chin in your hands, practice moving its head from one side to the other. This practice will make grooming services less stressful for your pup and groomer.

Brush them often

Brush your dog often to prevent their fur from matting and maintain a healthy coat. If your canine gets painful mats that are only addressed during grooming services, they will associate the experience with the groomer. The best thing to prevent matting is to brush your dog often and pay close attention to areas that experience friction like the back legs, ankles, armpits, and behind their ears. Regular brushing will make grooming a more positive experience for your groomer and pet.

Follow these tips to make mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL, a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. And, contact us today to have your pooch pampered.

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