5 Dog Grooming Tips from the Pros

5 Dog Grooming Tips from the Pros

Maintaining the hygiene of your dog requires time and attention over the years. By focusing on grooming practices that keep your dog happy and clean, you can prevent issues like skin irritations, excessive shedding, or foul-smelling odors. By knowing the proper way to keep your dog clean, you can save yourself time and also protect the surfaces of your home. As experts in mobile grooming in Clermont, FL, we are here with all the tips you need. These are just a few dog grooming tips that will make the process much easier at home.

Start Early

When it comes to grooming your pet, you want to start them early by exposing them to grooming practices when they are a young puppy. Play with their toes, clip their nails, touch the insides of their ears, and practice brushing from a young age to get them more exposed to these behaviors. When you expose them to these practices earlier, they are more likely to enjoy them without fighting the issue throughout their life.

Be Gentle

Even though you have a job to do, you should still be gentle with your pet. Be sensitive to areas around their ears and paws, as they can become quickly agitated or even injured if you make them uncomfortable by digging in too deep or cutting the nail too short. Not only can leave them with an injury, but it can also make them scared for grooming practices in the future.

Get the Right Tools

Dog grooming requires more than just a good shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that you stock up on all the essentials to groom your dog properly and safely from home. You should have a high-quality comb or brush tailored to their fur, nail clippers, and ear cleaners to use on your pet. By having these supplies available, you can stay on a routine grooming schedule.

Be Patient

Anytime you are working to create a habit in your dog’s life, you need to be patient. It may take time for your dog to feel comfortable letting you clip their nails or clean their ears. Take it slow and be patient until they are fully ready. When you take it slow and stay gentle, you show your dog that you are not hurting them, and you can make grooming much easier.

Brush Regularly

Many people think that short-haired dogs do not need to be routinely brushed. However, all dogs should be brushed on a routine basis. The type of brush or comb differs between dog breeds, but you should focus on brushing your dog weekly. This can remove issues like dirt, dander, and knots. When you brush regularly, you also reduce the amount of shedding that occurs in your home.

These are a few dog grooming tips you should follow to keep your dog looking and smelling great all the time. If you are looking for a quality professional for mobile grooming in Clermont, FL, trust Emi Pet with all your needs.

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