6 Tips for Finding a Groomer

6 Tips for Finding a Groomer

Every pet owner wants their furry companions to live healthy, happy lives. For many pets, this means routine visits with a groomer. But, if you have recently adopted a dog, your groomer has relocated, or you are new to the area, finding the best groomer can be stressful. Our experts on mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL suggest these tips for finding a groomer.

Do online research

Online investigating is a great way to begin your search. First, look at grooming services in your area and what their clients have to say. Look at their social media accounts to see some of their work, check out Google reviews, and visit the Better Business Bureau website to see if they have any complaints filed against them. This research will help you develop a list of a few groomers you are interested in following up with.

Go to their location

Though research is helpful, it is never a substitute for personal experience. Arrange a visit to locations you are interested in before booking a visit for your pup. Pay attention to how they run the salon and how the pets in their care are treated. Notice whether the facility smells and appears clean, whether they use humane restraints, whether the animals they are caring for feel comfortable, and whether they have a plan to catch potential escapes.

Review their certifications

Several organizations offer certifications for groomers, including International Pet Groomers Inc., the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, and the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Find out if your groomer prospects have any certifications. You can also ask them about grooming industry conventions or trade shows they regularly attend.

Speak with the groomer personally

You will expect your groomer to be kind, skilled, and trained. It is also essential to find out how they handle more challenging situations, like anxious pets. Ask about their depth of experience and personal approach. For example, ask them how they handle pets with special needs. Even if your dog does not require accommodation, the groomer's response will help you understand how they deal with challenges.

Go over the details

As you search for the perfect groomer, do not be afraid to discuss details, including services you want completed and the duration and cost of the appointment. By examining what you expect from your grooming services in detail, you can build a relationship with a groomer and avoid any possible miscommunication.

Ask about equipment and tools

Experienced groomers should be happy to give you a quick tour of the grooming area, including the equipment and tools they use for grooming. This is a perfect time to discuss any anxiety or potential sensitivities your dog may have.

Try out these helpful tips for finding the right groomer for your furry friend. If you prefer mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL, we have you covered. Contact us today about the services we provide and make an appointment to pamper your pet in style. We want to be your groomer!

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