Does My Cat Need to Be Groomed?

Does My Cat Need to Be Groomed?

Cats groom themselves, so that must mean they do not require any additional grooming, right? Wrong. Cats still require grooming to help them stay clean, fresh, and safe despite the fact that they do self-groom. Regular bathing, brushing, and nail trimming is quite common for many cats, especially those that are around people most of the time. As experts that offer mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL, we are here to help. These are a few questions to better understand cat grooming practices.

How often does my cat need to be groomed?

Cats require a good brushing on a routine basis so that you can remove matting and tangling. They will also need to have their nails trimmed at least once every two weeks so that you can prevent any accidental scratching or potential injury to your skin. By grooming your cat on a regular basis, you can keep up with all the maintenance to keep your cat in great shape.

Which cat breeds require the most grooming?

Long-haired cat breeds should be groomed the most frequently, as they can encounter more issues with their fur, such as matting, tangling, and hairballs. This can also make it easier for them to get fleas. Breeds such as Himalayan and Birman are just two types of long-haired cats that can have these issues if they are not groomed enough.

When do cats need to be brushed?

The frequency you need to brush your cat depends on the length of their hair. As a rule of thumb, the longer their hair, the more frequently they will need to be brushed. This prevents any matting or tangling that can more easily occur in long-haired cuts. By brushing your cat on a regular basis, you will reduce the number of hairballs they will have, since you take some of the excess fur off their stomach.

When should I bathe my cat?

Although they need frequent nail trimming, bathing, and brushing, they do not require frequent bathing. Most professionals will tell you to only bathe your cat when you absolutely need to do so. If they are muddy, dirty, or soiled themselves, that would be a great time to give them a much-needed bath.

Should I hire a professional groomer for my cat?

There are certain skills and practices that a groomer can provide that most cat owners cannot do themselves. They can often reach those more difficult places to trim fur, such as behind the ears. They can also bathe your cat with products that are specifically suitable for their breed and coat type. When you trust a professional, you trust that they can do the job best.

When you are ready to get your cat professionally groomed and take care of all their needs, you want to trust your pet with the right groomer. Our mobile pet grooming in Clermont, FL offer convenient, reputable, and professional grooming services, where we treat your pets as our own. To book an appointment with Emi Pet, contact us today.

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