Tips for Managing Your Dog's Anxiety

Tips for Managing Your Dog's Anxiety

Anxiety is ordinary in dogs and provokes them to display problematic behaviors. This is frustrating and unfortunate for pet owners - we all hope our dogs will be happy and healthy.

Many contributing elements can provoke your canine's anxiety. Like humans, dogs respond to stressful situations and express their emotions differently. If your pup suffers from anxiety, you are not alone! This is a typical issue that many pet parents encounter, and fortunately, there are many ways to manage your dog's anxiety and prevent future attacks. The first step is to define what is causing their misery. Our experts on mobile grooming in Clermont, FL, suggest that once you specify the reason, you can start anxiety management.


Counterconditioning alters your dog's response to the stimuli inducing their anxiety. In other words, you are teaching your dog to start viewing the stressors as positive things instead of unfavorable ones.

Attempt giving them something pleasant when the trigger occurs so they appreciate it instead of dreading it. Counterconditioning can train your dog that lovely things happen when riding in the car. Associating treats, playthings, and fun destinations with the vehicle (or other anxiety-provoking triggers) teaches your canine to associate travel with pleasure. This will reduce travel anxiety in the future and make road trips satisfying for everyone.


Initiating a physical exercise habit can help ease your dog's anxiety. A few minutes of exercise before an automobile trip will burn off some of your canine's energy and tire it out. She may actually settle down for a snooze once you've hit the highway.

Exercise is also a suitable solution for reducing noise anxiety in your canine. Permit your dog to exercise if you know a noisy event like a storm or fireworks is looming. This will help burn off energy that would otherwise go towards her fear.

Forming a soothing environment

You can make some straightforward environmental changes to impede your canine's anxiety. If your dog encounters noise anxiety, create a safe harbor when it storms. Try putting her in the most sound-resistant space of your house. Pick one with no windows, and put on some tunes to block out rackets triggering her worry.

You can take a few steps to construct a comfortable environment that will reduce your dog's separation anxiety. For example, consider leaving garments from a dirty pile of laundry to keep your canine company while you're out. While it might not seem like much, leaving out a t-shirt that smells like you is comforting for an anxious canine.

Professional training

Sometimes canines need professional assistance to overcome their anxiety. We recommend working with a certified behavior advisor in matters of severe stress. Professionals offer technical training and help determine your dog's threshold for fear.

Dog anxiety is stressful for both you and your canine. Remember, anxiety in pups isn't a fast fix. It takes tolerance, and you must be dedicated to working with your canine to help them crush their problems. So try not to get discouraged with your canine if they act out and behave this way. They aren't doing it intentionally! Instead, recognize that they are expressing their worry in the only manner they know how. Contact us today for more information on mobile grooming in Clermont, FL.

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