Why Mobile Pet Grooming is the Best Choice for Your Busy Lifestyle

Why Mobile Pet Grooming is the Best Choice for Your Busy Lifestyle

Mobile grooming is one of the best ways to take care of all your pet’s needs without ever having to worry about transportation, schedule rearranging, or pet anxiety. Even as a busy pet owner, you need to have grooming services done and scheduling conflicts happen, but it may be difficult to make an appointment with your schedule. Mobile grooming is the solution to the scheduling issue. That isn't the only reason why mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL is ideal for your busy life. Here are other benefits of having your pet groomed with a mobile groomer as opposed to in a shop.

Convenience of Schedule and Location

It was already stated that a busy schedule can conflict with the dropping off and picking up of your pet at a grooming shop. With mobile pet grooming, they come to you. You are able to let a mobile grooming professional see to your pet's needs while you stay at home and work on projects that you need to work on. If convenience isn't enough of a reason, keep reading.

Fast Results

Grooming shouldn't be an all-day dedication that dictates where and what you do. Shops tend to hold several animals and require scheduled pick-ups and drop offs for their clients. Mobile grooming is fast and focused. A professional mobile pet groomer can come in and knock out the job properly in less than an hour, freeing up an entire day.

Personal Relationship to Your Pet

One of the issues pet parents, and pets, have with grooming shops is the number of animals around. Some animals need to be isolated; some require special attention. Many dogs and cats don't like a lot of commotion and are already nervous about the grooming visit to begin with.

Mobile pet groomers work on one furry friend at a time. They are alone with your pet, free to dedicate their time, attention, and trade to the pet in their presence. Doing this will help form a bond between groomer and dog being groomed. This will make future appointments so much easier and smoother.


Cages are simply not needed for mobile grooming as often as a shop. Since they focus on one pet at a time, it eliminates conflict with other animals, removing the need for a cage.

Less Stress

Take all the stress from the process of grooming, scheduling appointments, and arranging transportation. You remove stress for yourself – and for your pet. While your fur baby is able to be seen and given one on one attention with the groomer, they are not stressed or overwhelmed (at least not as bad as they would be in a grooming shop).

If you are looking for quality mobile pet grooming in Orlando, FL, contact Emi Pet to get on our schedule today!

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