The Mystery of Why Dogs Roll in the Grass Solved

The Mystery of Why Dogs Roll in the Grass Solved


When you take your pup out for a walk, have you ever noticed them rolling around in the grass? You may be tempted to scold them, but it turns out that rolling in the grass is just part of being a dog. But why do dogs roll around in the grass? Let’s take a look at this curious behavior.

Dog behavior experts believe that there are several potential explanations as to why dogs roll around in the grass. One theory is that it is instinctual behavior from their wild ancestors. Wolves and other wild canines will often roll in new smells or cover up their own scent with dirt or foliage to hide from predators. Even though our domesticated canines don’t need to worry about predators, they may still exhibit this behavior instinctually.

Another explanation suggests that dogs may be trying to spread their own scent by rubbing it onto plants and grass so other animals know who has been there. This helps create a kind of “doggy territory” and also helps other canines recognize them when they are out walking together. It could also be an attempt to communicate with humans - by taking on the smell of something like freshly cut grass, they might be trying to tell us where they have been!

A third explanation is that rolling around in the grass simply feels good! Dogs have scent glands near their skin and all over their fur, so when they roll around they are activating those glands which can give them pleasure and comfort. This might also explain why some breeds of dogs seem to prefer rolling around on certain types of surfaces more than others - different textures activate different glands!



Although we may never know for sure exactly why dogs roll around in the grass, one thing is certain - it’s completely natural and normal behavior for our canine friends! And if you want your pet feeling fresh after a day of outdoor adventures, Emi Pet offers mobile pet grooming services in Clermont, FL, so your pup can get all cleaned up without ever leaving home! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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